MOSA Grand Opening July 23, 2016


Ink Stomp Prints Courtesy of Art Instructor Mary Peterson – these prints were artistically made by a group of artists who used various instruments as stomping on paper adhered to the floor with their feet and rolling their wheelchairs and walkers across the paper to create these most beautiful unique prints.

Now Showing, Heartfelt Possibilities Exhibition July 23 to October 24, 2016


The Museum of Special Art had a wonderful Grand Opening day with a great turn out and positive support from our community!  We had several artists at the opening for a meet and greet the artists event.  Many of our community members commented on how nice it was to meet some of the artists personally stating it added a personal touch to their work.  The artists had a great day and sold many small gift items, mugs, cards, and prints.


Michele Wilkinson volunteered at MOSA to help us with our raffle item and donations.  The blue print to the left of Michelle looks like it was created by one artist but this painting was created by a team of 4 artists and is called “Friends”.  The raffle winner will receive a print of this work. Thank you Michelle!


Whittaker, Domenowske, & James (not pictured – Gregory) are the artists who created “Friends”.



We give a special thank you to ArtWorks Director, Meredith Arnold who spearheaded our sales team!  (Pictured here:  Michelle Wilkinson, Jen Mohr and Meredith Arnold)

Our community had a great day of shopping and previewing the Heartfelt Possibilities Exhibit!


On Exhibition, we have the work of Pacific Northwest Artist, David Baker.  Since the 1990’s, David has mastered the technique of utilizing photography and the computer to create the most beautiful masterpieces of digital artwork.  David’s work has been exhibited throughout the west coast and has been published in several national magazines.

Forest sunlight
Heartfelt Possibilities exhibition at MOSA presents the digital artwork of David Baker!

The Heartfelt Possibilities exhibition is proud to present the work of International Artist Gaetene Cummings who is from Quebec, Canada.   Gaetene has a background in graphic design and communication.  Her discovery of Chinese calligraphy led her on a journey of painting.

Gaetene’s beautiful and lovely creations are so whimsical and moving and definitely should not be missed.  Gaetene’s work has been exhibited in many museums throughout the country.  MOSA has the rare opportunity to bring to the Pacific Northwest the works of international artists Gaetene Cummings, Michele LeBlanc, and Anthony Lee Weng Choong.

Lame Inherited Chromosomes by Gaetene Cummings


Sunflowers in Moonlight by Malaysian artist,                 Anthony Lee Weng Choong!


Liberty !
Liberty by Canadian artist Michel LeBlanc

The work of these artists and many others can be seen at the Museum of Special Art located at Bothell Country Village in Bothell WA.  The Heartfelt Possibilities exhibition will run from July 23d to October 24, 2016.  Several pieces of original artwork and small gifts are for sale.  Come out to visit us to enjoy the work of artists with disabilities!


Museum Hours:  Wednesday to Saturday 12-4pm
Location: 720 238th ST SE – Suite I, Bothell WA 98021


Phone:  425-482-0353

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